We believe media is a powerful tool to influence the world. We try to bring in maximum information with regard to Lok Sabha elections so as voters can make the right decisions. We try to bring in fact-checked accurate & carefully edited stories which take time and money to produce and to do this, we require your support both editorially and financially. There are many opportunities in which you could volunteer in the form of financially by donation or by online volunteering as an author, Graphics Design, Editor, Content Writing, Videography, Web developer or in any other way that would let you would like to contribute your special skills.

If you have a way with words or design, or spending too much time on Facebook or twitter and think you have creative ideas spilling out of your head? Spare a slice of your valuable time helping us.

You can choose from for on-field volunteering opportunities and fund-raising or we could use your help in any form you may choose to contribute through, we always need help with

Content writing
Researching subjects
Designing graphics
Digital marketing
Getting Interviews
Sharing issues and problems
Update in events and happenings in your area
Maintaining Web sites
Backing up websites
Moderating an online event
Recording or editing a video
Monitoring the news
Answering questions
Managing other online volunteers