Elections are the backbone of the democratic Republic and should be free and fair. The most important step to enter into the election process is filling the nomination forms.

The Election Commission of India has provided forms for the nomination of the candidates. There are various forms which are necessary to be filled for the nomination of the candidates for respective elections.

  • Form- 2A-Nomination form for contesting election in Lok Sabha
  • Form- 2B- Nomination form for contesting election in the Rajya Sabha
  • Form -2C-Nomination form for contesting election in Vidhan Sabha
  • Form -2D-Nomination form  for contesting election in the Vidhan Parishad

There are many other forms which are introduced by the The Election Commission of India for the nomination of election agent and council agent and withdrawal of the candidature.

  • Form -5- Notice of Withdrawal of the candidature.
  • Form- 8-Appointment of Election Agent
  • Form -18-Appointment of Council Agent

There is also another form for the appointment of an Authorized Agent by any political party for election to Rajya Sabha. The form 22A is filled by the candidate who says to be authorized by any political party.

  • Form A-If the candidate says that he is put up by a particular political party he has to fill two extra forms that confirms his recommendation from the party. The form has to be signed by the President or Secretary of the party and also include the seal of the party.
  • Form B-Form B or more commonly known as the B-Form is signed by the authorized person of the party indicating the name of the candidate who is put up by that political party. The filled in form has to be provided in a specific format.. The form also has a provision to name a substitute in case the nomination of the approved candidate is rejected.