Two nation theory is imposed by Modi Government: Yogendra Yadav

Updated:  Oct 02, 2018, 11:45 AM

Swaraj India Yogendra Yadav Lok Sabha Election 2019
India is facing an "unprecedented crisis" under the Modi government said Swaraj India president Yogendra Yadav on Tuesday. He alleged that BJP government is trying to impose "two nation theory" on this country.
Yadav targeted Modi government. Accusing BJP of doing dirty politics of, “divide and rule on religion lines” he added under the present day government “lynching has become a daily affair."
The alleged allegations didn't stop there. While addressing party workers from across the country during Swaraj India’s first National Council meeting. Yadav said, “Currently democracy, diversity and development in India are under attack. The investigative agencies, like CBI, CVC, are in the pocket of the establishment and Supreme Court is suppressed and the condition of the media is bad.”
Yadav questioned the “integrity”  of Modi government and claim they fail to deliver their promises like previous government.
Former AAP leader also mentions that they will contest the election on the issue of "Jawan and Kisan" ( youth and farmer) and all the party should do the same. And if the election will be contested on the issue of Hindu-Muslim. The country will take a leap backwards.
On the occasion of party foundation day (2nd October). Party organized the national council meeting elected a 40-member national executive (NE) followed by the election of Yadav as the party’s new president and Ajit Jha as the executive president.
A resolution passed in the meeting “the crisis of republic, challenge of elections and Swaraj India’s responsibility." The resolution gets passed after a long discussion with senior party leaders, including Swaraj Abhiyan president Prashant Bhushan.
Prashant Bhushan while addressing the meeting warned not to vote for BJP as it is a threat to democracy. He also said, "Modi government has shut the media and freedom of speech is being threatened."

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