There are chances of an unstable government –Jayant Sinha

By  Tanisha Tiwari | Updated:  Jan 18, 2019, 05:05 PM

jayant sinha lok sabha elections 2019

Union Minister Jayant Sinha looks dissatisfied with present condition of the election. Member of BJP Jayant Sinha said that the most likely result of the Lok Sabha election is the formation of unstable government in India.

Yadav said that the country has transformed widely and priorities have changed .The major step of the government should be informing people about the changes and somewhere this is still not happening. “The country is changing and the people should be informed about the changes” Yadav said.

This time the Lok Sabha election is unpredictable and nobody is getting fair sketch of the elections. The alliance of SP, BSP, RLD and other smaller parties is increasing and situation is more difficult each day. Mr. Sinha said that the loss of BJP in the three major states shows that the government is not stable and this could be a threat to the country.

“There will be no stable government at the end of Lok Sabha elections 2019 and this is what we should be worried about, an unstable government will never lead India to development” Sinha stated.   

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