Smriti calls Mamata ”ungrateful” to the centre

By  Tanisha Tiwari | Updated:  Jan 25, 2019, 11:30 AM

smriti irani lok sabha elections 2019

Smriti Irani, Union Minister of country on Friday said that Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee is thankless and ungrateful to the Centre. Smriti added that the Centre has already given a lot to West Bengal and Mamata still do not support BJP government who provided more support to her state than the previous Congress government rule.

Smriti spoke at the rallies held in South 24 Paraganas and Nadia districts about the money Centre provided to West Bengal. The rally also included  Dilip Ghosh and senior leaders Mukul Roy and Rahul Sinha. She said the BJP government has given 2.8 lakh crore to the state. Smriti compared the working and contribution of BJP and UPA and said that the UPA just gave 1 lakh crore whereas BJP government provided 2.8 lakh crore.

Smriti Irani questioned  Mayawati and said that the TMC has done nothing for the common people in the state and said that they take extortion money  from people from birth to death. She said Mamata herself do not work for the party members and support just the prominent leaders, ignoring the common people.

Smriti in her rally addressed Banerjee and asked how is she not thankful for the work done done by BJP and how is she making an alliance with other parties to remove BJP from the position.


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