Shoe fight between BJP members

By  Shimon Chadha | Updated:  Mar 07, 2019, 09:07 AM

bjp fight lok sabha elections 2019
In a major embarrassment to the Bharatiya Janata Party barely a month ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, two members of the party were caught on camera exchanging blows at a public meeting in Uttar Pradesh.
BJP Member of Parliament Sharad Tripathi hit BJP Member of Legislative Assembly Rakesh Baghel with a shoe after Tripathi expressed anger at his name not being written on the foundation stone of a project. 
Both were caught in blows for  a good while as police personnel and other attendees looked on and recorded the fight. As the fight escalated, police officers intervened and broke them away. 
Though the words in the video which is trending all over social media are not clear, reports say that harsh abusive words have been exchanged. 
Details about the exact cause of the blow-up have not been reported yet. 

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