Sheila Dikshit: BJP, AAP always retreats from their promises

By  Tanisha Tiwari | Updated:  Jan 28, 2019, 10:34 AM

dikshit lok sabha elections 2019

Delhi’s three time Chief-Minister Sheila Dixit on Sunday alleged that the Congress will win all the seats in the Capital city this time. Congress’s stalwart Dikshit also claimed that the AAP as well as BJP is unsuccessful in keeping their promises.

Dikshit said” BJP ruled the country from last 5 years and nobody is satisfied with their work. AAP do not know how to work. People remember the work done by the Congress members leading to development of the Capital and India will again vote for Congress.”

Dikshit addressed the party and said this time Congress will surely win all the seven seats in the major city Delhi.

Dikshit mocked Aam Aadmi Party and said from the years AAP started ruling Delhi its condition is declining .She said nobody has actually seen the exhausting condition of the Capital in the hands of Congress.

Sheila Dikshit slammed BJP and its members and said “BJP is only making promises and no one is available from the party to fulfil even one of them, people remember the Congress government and this time Congress will dethrone BJP.” 


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