Sharad Pawar called Nitin Gadkari an alternative to Modi

By  Tanisha Tiwari | Updated:  Feb 11, 2019, 10:47 AM

sharad pawar lok sabha elections 2019

Following the race to become the Prime Minister of the country Nitin Gadkari previously was seen as the upcoming name for the post. On Saturday Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar looked tensed and said Nitin Gadkari's name was also highlighted for the post and his supporters steped front talking about his nomination for the Prime Ministerial post. Calling Gadkari his friend, Sharad did not elaborated his comment much about the NDA stalwart.

Earlier Congress President Rahul Gandhi in a speech called Nitin Gadkari bold adding "Nitin Gadkari has the guts to speak up for the people and the party. He is capable of replacing Modi and can lead the party". Rahul also congratulated Nitin and said he is suitable for the position. The Congress president took to Twitter and wrote, "Gadkari ji, compliments. You are the only one in the BJP with some guts. Please also comment on: The Rafale scam and Anil Ambani, farmers' distress and destruction of institutions.” Gandhi’s comments came after the Union minister’s speech in which he had said that ‘who cannot deliver at home, cannot manage the country.’

Sharad said "Nitin is my good friend and I would always support him. Many leaders are talking about his capability and people want him to be the Prime Minister."Nitin was earlier in the news after his statement“Politicians who sold dreams to people but failed to make them a reality got ‘beaten up’ by the public.” He already was seen unsupporting Modi and was also seated next to the Congress President Rahul Gandhi.


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