Narendra Modi is favourite PM candidate of Muslims in General elections 2019

Updated:  Oct 28, 2018, 09:30 AM

Shahnawaz Lok Sabha Elections 2019
BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said on Sunday that Narendra Modi is the "favourite" prime ministerial candidate of Muslims for next year's Lok Sabha polls. As he has dispelled the "fear" that several parties instilled in the community using his name.
Hussain claims that the faith in Modi among Muslims and especially among women increased.
"The favourite prime ministerial candidate for Muslims in the 2019 polls is Narendra Modi because he sees all 132 crore people of the country just as Indians. Other parties have seen them as a vote bank," Shahnawaz said.
Musli community plays a crucial role in the electoral outcome in a sizeable number in different states of the country. Muslims account for around 14 per cent of India's 130 crore population which give them an impactful hold in the elections.
Shahnawaz attacks Congress and blame them for poverty and backwardness of Muslim community in the country and said Congress party had done injustice to the community and Modi had given them justice. 
He said, "Some people in 2014 used to scare others using Narendra Modi's name. Today, a large number of people from the Muslim community also feel that he is a man who works day and night. Narendra Modi treats all 132 crore Indians alike."
Speaking of other parties Hussain said previously all parties use to spread "fear" of Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to get Muslim votes, but now Prime Minister had taken out that fear.
He mentions that no anti-Muslim comment was made by Modi, he added that the prime minister's "shamshan-kabristan" statement in the run-up to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls was "wrongly interpreted" as he had advocated taking care of both.
"In our party, some people may be making (certain) statements, but Muslims have full faith on the statements made by BJP chief Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi," said Hussain.
He claimed that BJP president and Prime Minister never given any statement which would hurt Muslims. He also said that in 2019 Lok Sabha election Muslim community will bring back the saffron party once again.  On the issue of Allahabad's name changed to Prayagraj he said injustice was done in the past" and now, "justice" had been restored. 
"The earlier name was Prayagraj that was changed. To correct that mistake, is it wrong?" the BJP leader said. He said "Earlier also, Bangalore's name was changed to Bengaluru, Madras was changed to Chennai. So, how does history come into this." He dismissed the Congress charges that the Modi government was trying to rewrite history. 
He asserted that the Modi Government will be back with a bigger mandate in 2019.

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