Shah mocked congress chief on his Aadhaar jibe.

Updated:  Sep 26, 2018, 09:00 AM

Aadhaar Lok Sabha Elections 2019

On the basis of the Supreme Court judgement on AADHAAR today, the BJP chief mocked Rahul Gandhi on his several attempts to prove “AADHAAR” as “NIRADHAR”. According to him, the Supreme Court has given the verdict on the favour of his party’s vision.

In his latest tweet, Shah claimed that “Yes, the Congress won today just like they won the Lok Sabha polls 2014”.

Shah accused the Congress of their several attempts to prove Aadhaar invalid. In his jibe on Rahul Gandhi, he mocked Rahul Gandhi on his cheap tricks to defeat Aadhaar.

He accused the Congress government of misleading people on under various grounds, such as privacy. According to the BJP chief, Congress is exposed on its cheap tricks against BJP to win LokSabha polls 2019.

The BJP confirmed that the Supreme Court has given a strong validation to Aadhaar and the Congress’s Aadhaarwas baseless according to him. “The Congress spent a large amount of money on Aadhaarwithout any law or proper scrutiny” he said.

“Modi-led government gave a strong legal support to Aadhaar and is successful in delivering services to people”, he added.

The series of tweets of Amit Shah after theSupreme Court judgement has hit the Congress chief hard on his baseless accusations on Aadhaar. The BJP feels that the party has been successful in rendering services and empowering poor.


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