Sakshi Maharaj challenges Congress Chief: 'Will Leave Politics if Rahul Defeats Me in 2019 Lok Sabha Polls'

Updated:  Oct 08, 2018, 02:00 PM

Sakshi Maharaj Uttar Pradesh Lok sabha Polls
BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj says he will leave politics if Rahul Gandhi defeats him in the elections. He dares Congress president to contest election against him in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
"I challenge Rahul Gandhi to contest the 2019 general elections against me (from Unnao). I will leave politics if he wins, but if he loses, he should leave (India) for Italy," Sakshi Maharaj said.
The BJP MP attacked Rahul Gandhi for his Mansarovar Yatra in early September this year, allegedly without maintaining "purity".
Sakshi Maharaj said, "We are not opposing his yatra. Why will the BJP do so? But it is written in 'shastra' (scriptures) that purity is needed for such yatras (pilgrimage). He should have become pure before doing the yatra. No one enters a temple without (maintaining) purity. Darshan is not justified after having non-veg foods".
Sakshi Maharaj said while taking a dig at Congress president," He sometimes wears 'topi' (skull cap) and then becomes 'Shiv Bhakt'..".
On the question of will Ram mandir be an issue in the elections? The BJP MP said, "As of now the issue is 'sabka saath sabka vikas' but in 'yudh' (war), the issue depends on the situation."
Sakshi Maharaj said the opposition is afraid of BJP and that is the reason behind their efforts to forge a pre-poll alliance. 
 He said, "The opposition is afraid of the BJP and that is why they are talking of a grand alliance."

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