PM Modi will once again be the Prime Minister of India by winning 2019 Lok Sabha Elections claims ABP News-CVoter Survey

Updated:  Oct 08, 2018, 12:00 PM

ABP News CVoter Survey Lok Sabha Election 2019
If you are among those who are confused over the results of upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019. You are sick of hearing claims of parties they will be victorious in the upcoming general election. The opposition is doing all kind of promises and giving assurance that they will defeat the current Modi government. Well for refreshment here is ABP News-CVoter survey results which is telling a different story.
According to the latest survey of ABP News-CVoter, the upcoming election will not going to throw any surprise. Survey claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will continue to rule as the PM of India and the PM Led- BJP will return to power again after the upcoming General Elections to be held in May 2019.
The current Modi government along with its alliance will win the majority of the seats. However, in some state like Punjab, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh they could face resistance if the opposition will able to form a united force against the PM Modi-led BJP.
 NDA would get the highest vote share of 38%, while UPA’s vote share would not exceed 25% but it will see a significant rise from the previous elections. Other parties would win around 37% seats stated the Survey named as ‘Desh Ka Mood'. In respect of overall seat projections, NDA would win 276 seats, UPA 112 seats and others are expected to win over 155 seats.
Survey also stated if the Mahagathbandan formed in UP it can help Congress and give a tough time to BJP in the elections.
"BJP will be victorious in the north-eastern states. It can win 18 seats while in Delhi where its direct competition is with Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party, BJP will win all the seven seats," claims the survey.
63 per cent of the people who took part in the survey said PM Modi is their first choice for the Prime Minister post in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. 34 per cent wants to see Rahul Gandi as next PM. 
Now, one has to wait for the results of the election to see how true the survey is. Surveys are proved wrong in the past, so, no survey can be taken as the absolute certification of people's mandate.

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