Pawar vs. Modi feud continues in zest

By  Shimon Chadha | Updated:  Apr 09, 2019, 10:06 AM

Pawar Modi Lok Sabha elections
While addressing his workers in Pune on Sunday, Nationalist Congress Party chief, Sharad Pawar, launched an attack on PM Narendra Modi for being “hysterical” during polls, following a week after the PM, at a campaign in Maharashtra, said that the NCP was facing “infighting”, and that the party was “slipping out of his grip”. 
Pawar went on to advice his workers that they must not “make any personal remarks” against the PM, as Modi has himself decided to “make personal comments”, referring to Modi’s earlier insinuation of Pawar’s nephew trying to take over the NCP. 
The earlier feud between the two leaders resulted in senior NCP leaders accusing Modi of not paying enough attention and respect to senior BJP leaders such as LK Advani, who has been in the party for over 50 years, and has not been given a seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. 
Former agriculture minister Pawar further broadened his arena by attacking the BJP for not maintaining security and safety in their five-year tenure which is coming to an end on 26 May, 2019. He added that India always faces a crisis in the BJP’s term, reminding the workers of the Kandahar flight hijacking in 1999, the terrorist attack on the Parliament in 2001 and the Godhra riots in Gujarat in 2002, when Modi was Chief Minister.
Pawar who is currently a Rajya Sabha member, had decided to not fight the Lok Sabha elections this time, similar to 2014, after having won Lok Sabha elections seven times in the past. Pawar made this decision to let his daughter and grandson contest instead. The party is in coalition with the Congress in Maharashtra for the general elections. 

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