‘One nation, one poll’ BJP launches drive to build consensus from Hardoi

Updated:  Oct 15, 2018, 02:30 PM

One nation one poll Lok sabha Elections 2019
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wants simultaneous elections in the country and for that, they have launched a series of awareness meetings to build consensus on the issue.
BJP leaders Naresh Agarwal and Sunil Bansal led the campaign which was started from Hardoi district.
While addressing the meeting BJP leader Naresh Agarwal said, “It looks odd when foreign leaders look at us as a country perpetually engaged in elections. It seems as if we don’t do anything else. This needs to change.”
Earlier in June 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for ‘one-nation one-poll’ had supported by the electoral reforms committee of Uttar Pradesh directed by cabinet minister Sidharth Nath Singh.  The practice of simultaneous polls was common till 1967.
BJP is focused to build public opinion on the issue. BJP secretary (organisation) in Uttar Pradesh, Sunil Bansal, has already asked the party’s youth wing to hold youth parliaments on the issue.
Before-mentioned awareness gatherings will be held across the country.
Bansal said out of 1,825 days in five years, 629 were lost in holding elections across the country.
“On an average, the governments elected for five years for development work merely get about 3.28 years to rule while about 1.5 years’ time is lost in elections. Mind you, I haven’t still included the local and panchayat level elections,” he said.
He added, "Elections are getting costlier. The 2009 Lok Sabha election was Rs 1500-crore affair while Rs 3400 crore were spent during 2014 general elections. Now, we face another election in 2019. There is a strong need to have a common election where a person who walks up to a polling booth may mark his choice of candidates right from panchayat level to Lok Sabha.”
There was a need for having Lok Sabha and assembly polls together suggested the UP panel on electoral reforms, however, it had recommended that local bodies’ elections be included in ‘one nation, one poll’ only from 2029.
The report on electoral reforms stated, “We believe that the system would become sufficiently evolved by then to cater to additional logistic issues.”
The awareness campaign on ‘one nation, one poll’ was launched from Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi district on Sunday. The constituency has two MPs and 7 MLAs from the BJP.

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