Narendra Modi: care only for country, not party or seat

By  Shimon Chadha | Updated:  Mar 06, 2019, 12:48 PM

modi lok sabha elections 2019
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kickstarted the party’s official election campaign in his home state, Gujarat, where he held the Chief Ministerial post for two terms, before winning the last general elections in 2014. 
At a rally in Ahmedabad, Modi said that he doesn’t care for his party, “or its seat”. He expressed worry for the country, considering the recent Pulwama attack where 40 CRPF personnel were killed, and the frequent firing incidents between the armed forces and the terrorists in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
He further added that the nation has been helpless since the past forty years, marked by the harsh onslaught of terrorism. He indirectly condemned the Opposition leaders for raising doubts over the evidence of the Indian Air Force airstrike conducted a week ago on the largest terror camp in Pakistan, by saying that “those busy in votebank politics have been afraid to act”, supplementing the statements of various Bharatiya Janata Party leaders who have criticised the opposition leaders, and labelled them pro-Pakistan. 
The PM further promised that he wouldn’t hesitate to hunt down the terrorists to their home and kill them, and that even if they were hiding in the underworld (“saatvein paatal”), it was his temperament and principle to protect the country. 

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