"Modi has gone to war with people," Rahul Gandhi says at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit

Updated:  Oct 06, 2018, 12:00 AM

Rahul Gandhi Congress Lok Sabha Election india 2019
Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said Modi government has declared war against people. He also accuses the government of imposing a “single, suffocating ideology on 1.3 billion people." He was speaking at a leadership summit organised by Hindustan Times.
Rahul does not mention any specific incident but criticized the government for the way they are handling the situation in the country. “The economy is decimated, the rupee is on its knees... the informal system is decimated, public confidence is in tatters,” Congress president said. He also added while speaking at the summit “This is the price of hatred... Aspiration of people has been turned into hatred.”
Talking about the media Rahul Gandhi claims that media is also under attack. “Our friends in the media are sacked when they criticise the Prime Minister,” the Congress president said. “Gauri Lankesh is shot dead because of what she wrote. Fresh thinking is unwelcome. In fact, forget about fresh thinking, they hate thinkers: Raghuram Rajan, Amartya Sen, the list goes on.”
Rahul said BJP is just about giving slogans “And while India burns, all they do is talk about their slogans, But their slogans have a shelf life: Make in India. Start up India. Clean India. What exactly have they translated into? Nothing."
India uses to be a "partnership between all its peoples,” said Rahul. He claimed that his party does not believe in binaries. “Everyone in India is a stakeholder – all of us, rich or poor, weak or strong, north or south, east or west every voice is a part of the harmony that makes India,” he said. “We do not subscribe to black or white ideologies.”

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