Modi government’s wide ranging promises for lower middle class

By  Tanisha Tiwari | Updated:  Jan 12, 2019, 12:55 PM

Narendra Modi Lok Sabha Elections 2019

After suffering major loss in the state elections, Modi government leaves no desk for complain. Recently BJP announced providing farm loans and the 10% reservation to the lower middle class.   Narendra Modi and Amit Shah is looking forward for the re-elections.

Parties are aligning to dethrone and remove BJP government, but in order to acquire more supporters in the Lok Sabha elections , Modi government is holding more promising list for the people.

Minister of law Ravi Shankar Prasad said” These are not mere promises, what we say is for development of the nation and welfare of the people”. 

The Modi  government on January 10  promised that the businesses with annual sales up to 4 million will be released from GST from April 2019.At present the relief from GST is applicable for annual  sales of 2 million rupees.

In the list the government has decided for direct payment to the farmers, compensation for those who sold produce below government price and also a programme for loan forgiveness.

The government also announced that they will ban companies like Amazon and Flipkart due to the unfair and artificial product these companies are selling.

This decision is taken after complaints from traders and retailers who say that the big companies are buying their products and selling at much low costs and they are getting no profit with the criteria. According to reports the rule will be applicable from 11 February.

The parliament also passed a bill providing 10% reservation on government jobs for those who earn less than 800,000 per annum and have less than five acres of land.

BJP seems to get more support from the middle class families and this can be a very impressive step to be in power in Lok Sabha elections 2019.


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