Modi blames Congress for destroying MP

By  Shimon Chadha | Updated:  May 01, 2019, 06:11 PM

In a scathing attack on the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at a rally in Itarsi in the Hoshangabad constituency of Madhya Pradesh, where elections will be held on May 6, in the fifth phase of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, did not go light on the grand old party, and accused the party leaders of being “habituated to dishonesty”. He went on to say that the party is dishonest in every aspect, except in context of corruption and dynastic politics. 
Referring to the recent ban of the Indian Islamic Preacher Zakir Naik’s channel by Sri Lanka in the wake of the ghastly attacks in the country, Modi reprimanded the Congress for supporting and “laying a red carpet” for Naik, who has been accused of manipulating people and forcefully converting them to terrorism, and is banned from four countries already, including India. Modi said that the “country will never forgive” the Congress, for supporting terrorists like Naik, and compared the party to his own party, the BJP, which “targets terrorists at their homes”, in a reference to the recent airstrike by the Indian Air Force at the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad training camp in Pakistan. This statement might have possibly been yet another violation of the Model Code of Conduct by the PM for using the  military as political propaganda. The PM shouted slogans of “Doob Maro, Congress vaalo” at the public meeting attended by thousands of people. 
Modi claimed the the Congress believes they do not need to work, as they have a “strong political name” behind them. He then moved onto the incumbent Congress government in the state, which won the 2018 Assembly elections, defeating the ruling BJP. He reminded the people of how the Congress had promised to forgive loans worth 2 lakh within 10 days of coming to power. He asked the people whether those ten days had come yet. He wondered whether their promises of employment had been fulfilled. In his standard strongly-worded passionate speeches with exemplary oratory skills, the PM quoted the Congress’ promises of reducing the prices of electricity, but he said that they forgot to mention that the supply of electricity would also decrease. 
He told the people to themselves look at the condition of their state, and how the party has already “destroyed” the state in four months. The PM promised the people that if he comes to power in 2019, his party will attempt to help each and every farmer of the state, and will ensure that every small farmer, labourer, shopkeeper and businessman receives a pension after the age of 60, and can then live their lives without worry. 
One phase of elections in the state at the heart of the nation has already concluded, on April 29, where six out of total 29 constituencies went to poll. Seven constituencies of the state will witness polls on May 6, eight on May 12, in the sixth phase, and the remaining eight will conduct elections on May 19, in the last phase. Counting of votes will take place on May 23. 

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