Meghalaya BJP candidate threatens to commit suicide if Citizenship Bill is implemented

By  Shimon Chadha | Updated:  Apr 13, 2019, 12:47 PM

Sanbor Shullai
After Mamata Banerjee, and Assam leaders, Meghalaya BJP leader Sanbor Shullai is the latest politician to protest against the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Bill. 
Taking up the protest a notch higher, Shullai, after casting his vote in Shillong on April 11, where he is contesting from, said that he would “commit suicide than allow the Bill to be implemented in Meghalaya and the North East”. 
The former Deputy Speaker of the State Assembly said that he does not have any problem with the Bill being implemented in any other part of the country, but that he had already appealed to the Prime Minister and other BJP leaders through a letter, “that Meghalaya and the other northeastern states be exempted from the Bill”. 

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