Mamta Banerjee faces hard time ,TMC members join BJP

By  Tanisha Tiwari | Updated:  Jan 10, 2019, 12:10 PM

Mamta Banerjee Lok Sabha election 2019
Mamta Banerjee and her party had to face major difficulties as some of the Trinamool Congress members decided to leave the party and join Bhartiya Janta Party.  Banerjee who earlier explained how she will be contesting the Lok Sabha election 2019 alone is now facing a major setback when some of the members announced their depart from TMC.  
After Soumitra Khan and Anupam Hazra were expelled from TMC , both the members decided to join the opposition party BJP. West Bengal CM expelled  both of them for anti party activities and also accused them of corruption. Before 
Agra rally both members planned to leave TMC shifting towards BJP and joining Narendra Modi. Not only Khan and Hazra but six other members are also in the run to leave TMC and join party’s opposition team BJP.
MP Soumitra Khan said addressing Banerjee” there is no law in the state ,West Bengal has become private company working under Mamta ji and her few supporters. The state do not run on laws it works according to Mamta Banerjee’s   self made decisions.”I would like to work with and for BJP who is atleast trying to make changes in the state, Khan added.

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