Mamata: NRC is a method for Centre to turn legal citizens into refugees

By  Shimon Chadha | Updated:  Apr 04, 2019, 02:21 PM

mamata modi lok sabha elections 2019
After being in the news for the better half of the previous month for launching several scathing attacks against the ruling party, Mamata Banerjee found a new issue to criticise the Prime Minister over. The West Bengal CM expressed strong disapproval of the introduction of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the state, and the implementation of the National Register of Citizens, terming it an “election gimmick”, which was a cause of discomfort for the citizens, and a method through which the Centre could turn legal citizens into refugees. 
At a rally in Cooch Behar, the TMC leader reminded the citizens of the failure of the Modi government in solving the 60-year-old Bangladesh enclave issue, forcing the Bengal government to swoop in and solve the crisis. 
She further claimed that the PM had only three slogans, “loot”, “riots” and “kill the people”, which, if continued, would probably lead to the 2019 elections being the “last in the country”. Banerjee had earlier labelled Modi as “expiry babu”, following Modi terming her “speed breaker Didi”, and her stern criticism of the BJP disobeying the Model Code of Conduct by the Election Commission, which clearly prohibited any party from referring to the military while campaigning. 

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