Mallu and V Hanumantha Rao submits credentials for the coming LS polls

By  Tanisha Tiwari | Updated:  Feb 11, 2019, 12:54 PM

v hanumantha rao lok sabha elections 2019

Just a day after the Telanaga Pradesh Congress Committee has decided to nominate the candidates for the coming Lok Sabha elections 2019, many senior leaders and party members have filed their nomination for the election polls.

The members have started to file their candidature along with their bio data before the last day, February 20.

On the first day more than 25 leaders submitted their forms and the deadline for the submission is on Tuesday. Bellaiah Naik, Balram Naik, Mallu Ravi and Satish Madiga from Nagarkurnool submitted their candidature. Many other famous faces like V Hanumantha Rao and Patel Ramesh Reddy also filed their nominations.

Vice Chairman of All India Kisan Congress M kodanda Reddy and Vangala Swamy also submitted their credentials on the very first day.On Saturday Congress Preident Rahul Gandhi had a meeting with all the PCC members regarding the nominations and selection of candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elctions 2019. Instructions were given to the Publicity and Campaign committee to soon begin their work.

Like Congress the TPCC is also looking ahead for the winning General elections 2019.


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