How Mahila Congress is looking to win women's vote in Lok Sabha elections 2019

Updated:  Sep 30, 2018, 09:50 AM

Mahila Congress Lok sabha Elections 2019
Progressing towards the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Mahil congress ( women’s wing)  is trying to rehabilitate public spaces for women in the night. Silchar MP Sushmita Dev, the president of the congress's women wing is aggressive campaign across the country, along with a new mobile app.
She said we realised that while women make about half of the total voters in the country, the gap between men and women voters is 1.46 per cent. We need to convince the women to vote, and to vote for us,” said Dev. The women’s wing will now be travelling across the country into several constituencies to ask women what they want. These will include Mahila Adhikar Yatras, choupals and night marches. Dev says that the outfit has already started work in Chhattisgarh, piloting the project there on August 20. “We carried out a rally in the night with over 500 women with them protesting rising gas and petrol prices.”
While travelling across the state the members of the wing will carry a canvas for women to jot down their demands. The women’s wing president says that the charter of demands will help her refine points, which she will later hand over to the party’s manifesto committee
 The Mahila Congress has also come up with a mobile app which will record the demand of the women. With help of the apps they will record the women’s voices in these choupals that are conducted in the night.  Congress President Rahul Gandhi is likely to be a part of one of these choupals in Haryana.
The choupals were first started in Haryana, the choupals will some move to Maharashtra and Bihar. 
Dev says that sometimes the demands sound basic and harmless, but could matter the world to the women. She said, “There was a woman who demanded that sugar should be brought back into the ration system. The women need to put forward these demands, it is only then we will know what we need to ask for."

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