Facebook to form a task force to check hate speech in Lok Sabha elections 2019

Updated:  Oct 07, 2018, 11:00 AM

Facebook Social Media Campaigning Lok Sabha Election 2019
Social network leader Facebook has announced that it is setting up a special task force to check hate speech in the upcoming general elections. Facebook said it will encourage engagement between people and political leaders on its platform for 'free and fair election' and its new task force will make sure there will be no hate speech on the platform.
"We want our platform to support the free and fair election and positive civic engagement. We welcome people to engage with their political leaders but we don't want people to abuse that," said Facebook vice president for public policy EMEA Richard Allan to reporters.
Richard Allan said Facebook will bring more transparency for political ads on its platform in India by March. Facebook has made policy under which any content containing elements of hate and violence will be put down from the platform.
"When we see elections coming up, obviously India is top of mind, biggest democracy in the world, so we have a task force working on that security specialist, content specialist. We are trying to understand what is possible form of abuse in India versus UK versus any other country," Richard Allan said.
After the implementation of Facebook’s new policy, people will be able to see who has paid for a particular advertisement, Facebook said.
Social networking giant already announced earlier in May, that all election-related ads on Facebook and Instagram in the US must be clearly labelled -- including a "Paid for by" disclosure from the advertiser. 
Talking about the task force for Lok Sabha elections 2019 Allan said, "The task force for India will have security specialists and content specialists, among others, who will try to understand all the possible forms of election-related abuse in India."
"What the task force is trying to do is to make sure we don't miss things (abusive content) because we have seen in the past that we have missed things. In the run-up to US elections, there were things happening on the service issue, we didn't respond. It is really about making sure, in the Indian context, in particular, we are not missing things," Allan added.

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