Elvis Golmes to be AAP South Goa candidate

By  IANS | Updated:  Feb 07, 2019, 09:29 AM

elvis gomes lok sabha elections 2019
AAP leader Elvis Golmes, who was the party's Chief Ministerial candidate in the 2007 Assembly elections, will be the Lok Sabha candidate from South Goa, the party announced on Wednesday.
"As the AAP gears up for the election campaign, the PAC (Political Affairs Committee) has chosen Gomes as its candidate from South Goa," said Durgesh Pathak, the party leader in charge of Goa.
Gomes has worked as an officer in the Goan government. 
"His expertise in crisis and conflict resolution had been a source of inspiration for many. He has been working in different departments of the government such as urban development department, tourism department and port among others," Pathak said.

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