Drought issue in Maharashtra not covered by any political party

By  Shimon Chadha | Updated:  Apr 15, 2019, 02:15 PM

Maharashtra drought
Environmentalists, activists, farmers and locals in 50% villages in Maharashtra have been shouting and crying in agony and suffering since the past one year. They weep for their loss of livelihood, for their children who don’t drink a sip of water for days in the scorching heat, for their drying crops, for their dying cattle and for themselves, for the loss of life- either due to dehydration, or through suicide. Yet, all these screams go unheard. Politicians come, make tall claims, and leave, but none pays heed to the locals sitting in their tiny shacks and begging for water.
The situation getting worse by the minute, people are dying everyday, and have appealed to government officials at all levels to help them in these dire times. However, with little to no media coverage, no substantial step has been taken to find a solution to the impending crisis.
Farmers are complaining that the incumbent government comprising of BJP and Shiv Sena, have not catered to these urgent needs, and are completely dismissing their pleas, instead focusing on satisfying the urban, elite and the higher classes of the state. The Congress-NCP alliance has also built their campaign around the failure of the saffron alliance to solve the drought crisis. However, the Congress-NCP has also failed to mention or promise any measures which might resolve the problem.
Farmers are further complaining that they cannot be taken for granted any more now, and will not believe the tall claims and false promises of any party. They wish to vote for only that party which provides a permanent and immediate solution to the wide-spread drought. 

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