Congress hopeful of “Maha Gathbandhan” in Uttar Pradesh

Updated:  Sep 23, 2018, 10:10 AM

Congress Uttar Pradesh President, Raj Babbar is hopeful of the possibility of “Maha Gathbandhan” in Uttar Pradesh for Lok Sabha elections 2019, delighted by the recent alliance of BSP in Chhattisgarh and declaration of seats in Madhya Pradesh. According to him, people are in favour of the opposition to get united in order to contest elections.
The actor-turned politician emphasized on the need of alliance to get rid of BJP. “At this time, public has many expectations which needs to be fulfilled together, unitedly” he said. 
Babbar indirectly remarked on RSS’s dogma, which according to him still lacks cogency. On the contrary, he told, Congress works on Gandhi’s ideology and BJP cannot extirpate it.
According to the state president, the hostile actions are intimidated by BJP against the opposition. He suggests, all the parties must unanimously unite against BJP for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
He criticised the three-day conference held by RSS at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi. It was used for non-government programme for the first time, according to him.
Previous week, BSP chief, Mayawati denounced both BJP and Congress for the rising fuel prices. Clearly, Babbar played on safer side by stating BSP’s remark just as an opinion, which according to him anyone can have. 
Referring to the latest Triple Talaq issue, he questioned Modi government on subsistence allowance to the wives of the accused. “Who will pay the ‘guzara’ to the wives of the ones in jail” according to the politician.
On being asked of the strategy of Congress in 2019 polls, he described congress as a people’s party which will work according to their need and expectations with all strength and power.

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