BJP will ascertain its popularity through a pre poll survey.

Updated:  Aug 26, 2018, 11:25 AM

As per the sources, BJP will hold a survey in Delhi in order to ascertain the popularity of its law makers in their respective constituencies. This will help the BJP in its candidate’s selection for all the seven constituencies.
A Delhi-BJP leader confirmed that the pre-poll survey will be organised by an agency between 1 September and 15 September 2018.
According to the Delhi-BJP leader, the survey will be conducted, also to ascertain the work done by the law makers and the implementation of the BJP’s schemes in all the seven constituencies, which BJP won in 2014.
The survey will be shared with the national and Delhi-BJP unit after the completion.
Reportedly, standard set of respondents will file the survey in all the seven constituencies of LOK SABHA.
Clearly, BJP’s challengers in Delhi are AAP and Congress. Although, AAP failed to get a single seat in the Lok Sabha in the previous elections but, according to AAP’s internal survey, it is claiming victory.
AAP has also already declared the candidates for the five constituencies on the survey and the popularity of its candidates.

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