BJP is all set to use WhatsApp for the campaign in Lok Sabha election 2019

Updated:  Sep 29, 2018, 10:30 AM

As we tend to move nearer to succeeding Lok Sabha elections, Bhartiya Janta Party is all set to go digital for their campaign. PM Modi already showed his love for technology by promoting digital India and now it seems his new moto is digital BJP.
BJP gave responsibility to 900,000 people for campaigning of Lok Sabha election 2019 on Whatsapp. One for each polling booth or station (there are 927,533). These people will get the designation of "cell phone pramukh”. 
The responsibility of these cell phone pramukhs is circulating specially designed party campaign material in form of Photo, video, audio, text, graphics and cartoon. And for that, each of this cell phone pramukh will get one smartphone.
"Prime Minister Narendra Modi met a group of senior BJP leaders about three weeks back where the details of this campaign were presented to them by a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office, the first person said, asking not to be identified reported.
BJP party president Amit Shah has prepared a “booth action plan”. In which he has already asked state units to compile the list of smartphone-carrying voters in every polling station. Once the list will be ready, the second stage of the plan will start.
These cell phone Pramuk will be introduced to party leaders  MPs, MLAs, other elected representatives and office bearers in the first round. The pramukhs will create three WhatsApp group for each polling station consisting of 256 people. The instructions have been given that if it will not be possible to make three groups in some station. The respective pramukh should at least operate one.
It is evident to understand that WhatsApp new policy doesn't allow more than 256 people in one group. WhatsApp also introduced a few other rules as a step to prevent lynching caused by circulation of fake news. Now the election commission of India has raised the same sort of concern. Fake news circulation on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platform can affect the election stated by Election commission.
In 2008 Barak Obama showed the power of social media to the world. After that Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and other politician started utilizing technology for election.
 In a country like India where people are getting killed because of fake news circulation on social media. Who will be responsible for the chaos it will create when the political parties start to spread lies rapped like a truth. When the line of news and campaign will be blurred. When there will be no gatekeeper between the newsmaker and news consumer. 

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