BJP Chief Amit Shah: Even united opposition can’t stop Modi in 2019 polls

By  Geordy Mathew | Updated:  Jun 01, 2018, 12:30 PM

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 BJP

 Amit Shah said on Wednesday, June 20, that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has re established the confidence of individuals in administration and each segment of the general public needs him to return to control in 2019. Talking at the Zee News 'India ka DNA'meeting, he communicated certainty that the BJP would "unquestionably" win the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Shah said that he's glad that it is Narendra Modi versus others this time. Attacking the Opposition parties which have come together as Mahagathbandhan, the BJP chief approached that if the legitimate age for marriage is 21, would you bring 21 one-year-olds together and get them wedded?

"When it was Indira Gandhi versus others, I used to begrudge the situation of the Congress. I am happy that I am the head of the BJP when it will be Modi versus others," he said. Posting down crafted by the Modi government, the BJP president stated, "Individuals are encountering achhe din as of now. Shouldn't something be said about individuals getting LPG? There is a toilet in the house, youngsters are getting immunization and there's power in towns that has enhanced existences of many." He included that PM Modi and the BJP have touched lives of crores of individuals.

On the opposition, Shah said that their solitary plan is "Modi hatao" while that of the BJP is "poverty and corruption hatao". "In 2014, the BJP had the legislature in six states, and in 2018, we have it in 14 states. I don't think this is an intense time for the party. They had lost previously, they will lose now," he included. Talking about the 404 assembly seat-Uttar Pradesh, Shah said that the party sacked 44 percent votes in the Assembly elections. "At the point when the country needs to choose the following PM, everybody will pick Narendra Modi," he included.

On being gotten some information about the BJP's choice to end the organization together with Mehbooba Mufti's PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, Shah said that there was no adjust in the improvement of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. He said that the coalition government was made considering the plan and "neither BJP nor PDP surrendered their belief systems". The BJP president said that the party's strategy towards Kashmir "never showed signs of change and will never show signs of change". 


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