Alpesh Thakor rejects BJP’s offer after resigning from Congress

By  Shimon Chadha | Updated:  Apr 11, 2019, 02:04 PM

Alpesh Thakor
MLA Alpesh Thakor, who is a leader of the Koli Thakor community in Gujarat, and an OBC-SC-ST activist, resigned from the Congress party a day before the 17th Lok Sabha elections commenced. 
Thakor, who won the Radhanpur seat in the 2017 Gujarat Legislative Assembly Elections on a Congress ticket, has quoted insults to the Kshatriya Thakor Sena by the Congress as a reason for leaving the party. Alpesh Thakor along with MLAs Dhavalsinh Thakor and Bharatji Thakor have left the party together, after being given an ultimatum by the Kshatriya Thakor Sena to leave the Congress.
Reports have come in that BJP approached Thakor to join the saffron party, but the former social worker announced at a press conference that he does not wish to join the BJP, and wants to continue his term as an MLA. 

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