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Updated:  Oct 01, 2018, 10:00 AM

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 AAP

Every season is Chai (tea) season in India, but during Lok Sabha election our politician becomes its brand ambassador. AAP (AamAadmi Party) appears to choose the same path. Dilip Pandey, In-charge of North East Delhi constituency of AamAadmi Party said, "The party has organised 300 'chai pecharcha' meetings in his constituency so far."

Solving the world's Problem over a cup of tea is in the blood of Indians. But it was more of a subconscious behavioural pattern. Prime Minister Narendra Modi used Chai pecharcha as a tool to connect with people in 2014 Lok Sabha Polls. After that, it became like a political master plan.

When asked about mimicking the strategy of BhartiyaJanta Party. Pandey said, "We have been holding 'chai pecharcha since the winters of 2012 to reach out to the 'AamAadmi' (common man)".

It appears to be the same strategy as Modi's 'chai pecharcha' meeting in Ahmedabad in February 2014. But unlike Modi's chai pecharcha it is not streaming live on TV and not using any video conferencing. AAP's meetings are "more close" and "Direct affairs'.

AamAadmi Party has already announced the in-charges of five of the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi.

 "Our message in these (chai pecharcha) meetings is clear that if we have the MPs, the party can serve people more effectively. Our government is trying hard to work for the people in Delhi and if we have representation in Lok Sabha, we will do so with double motivation," Pandey said.

AamAadmi Party leaders said their volunteers are explaining to people how Congress was playing "spoilsport" in a direct contest between AAP and BJP. "Congress has been reduced to a political player which can only cut into our votes and thus benefit the BJP," Pandey added.

In 2014 polls AAP failed to win any seat in Delhi, but, manage to get four Lok Sabha seat in Punjab. About this defeat, Pandey said, "The BJP won seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in the last elections and AAP won the Assembly polls in 2015. You can see the difference between the works of the two parties now."

AamAadmi Party is not in a mood to leave any stone unturned in Lok Sabha election 2019. They are holding talks with the rebel leaders of BhartiyaJanta Party before announcing the name of their candidates said by AAP leaders.


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