AAP reach out people for donation from 14th October for Upcoming Lok Sabha elections

Updated:  Oct 02, 2018, 03:00 PM

 AAP Lok Sabha Election 2019
Lok Sabha election is near and every party needs to look for their financial resources. AAP is looking towards the general public for the donation. AAP has walked on the same path before and now they are knocking the same door again in this Lok Sabha election.
Arvind Kejriwal along with other leaders of the party said that people funding is important to promote clean politics in India. AAP is organizing a volunteer meet on 14th of October. Thousands of party workers from across the nation will attend the meet. AAP will also ask the volunteers to donate in the party fund.
“Our aim is to take honest politics throughout India. Ours is a party which runs on the money of the aam aadmi. That is why we don’t work under the influence of moneybags. Through this campaign we will once again be going to the doors of the people for donation,” Gopal Rai (AAP Delhi convener) said.
Gopal Rai also said, "From Arvind Kejriwal to every volunteer will go door to door for a donation." "We are sure that we will end the decades-long nexus of the corrupt and the political parties and the people would support us whole heartedly,” he further added.
As soon as AAP formed they knocked the public funding door. In the last election lunch and dinner with Kejriwal was organized. People donated from 20,000 to 50,000. Now, the party is targeting large masses and expecting to get small donations but in large numbers.
"A problem was found on the names of the donors on the website. If a person gave a cheque, his name would have come to the website. But, even though the cheque was bounced, that person's name was seen on the website. In such cases, one count is counted twice in the Election Commission and the Income Tax Department. All these problems have been solved and now a transparent way will be followed. The donor will immediately be satisfied that his donation has reached the party. Also, the receipt will be given to the person giving donations to the party."Saurabh Bhardwaj said.
AAP will use Delhi's work in the field of education, health, water and electricity. As a tool to convince people to support them and donate funds to them. 

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