Ramachandran raised a critical issue for Congress in Kerala.

Updated:  Sep 26, 2018, 09:30 AM

Mullapally Ramachandran Kerala Congress Election Lok Sabha  Elections 2019

Mullapally Ramachandran was recently appointed as a president of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee. He critically raised the issue of money problem of the Kerala Congress for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. He pointed out the bad financial situation of the party.

According to Ramachandran, the opposition party such as BJP and CPI (M) has lot of money to spend on elections, because of their strong connections. “They have ample amount of money in all the levels, and don’t know where to spend it”’ says Mullapally Ramachandran.

He pointed the money problem as the critical issue and also said that the door-to-door collection by the party will not going to be enough.

The Kerala Congress Chief believes that his ties with the coalition partners will help to keep things in order for the Congress.

The state Congress chief is also confident in the meeting of the UDF coalition that the handing over of the congress’ Rajya Sabha seat to aCongress ally is a thing of the past and the party should forget the heart burn caused.


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