120 candidates disqualified from contesting Lok Sabha elections 2019

Updated:  Oct 09, 2018, 01:00 PM

Election Commision India Lok sabha Elections 2019
120 candidates have been disqualified from contesting upcoming general elections. Election Commission disqualified them after they failed to provide details of their expenses during the 2014 General Election and 2017 Assembly elections under Section 10-A of the Representation of People Act, 1952.
In a communication to the state Chief Electoral Officer, EC has asked that the list of the disqualified candidates is provided to all Returning Officers in the state before the date of notification of elections.
“The list is a strong message to non-serious candidates. All election expenses are accountable. Youngsters should know the names of the persons who contested elections non-seriously,” said Additional Chief Electoral Officer Karuna Raju.
Each candidate is from Amritsar (9), Jalandhar (10), Ludhiana (17), Pathankot (3), Hargobindpur (3), Jandiala (3), Khadoor Sahib, Bholath and Baba Bakala and other places who have been debarred for a period of three years.
They all are disqualified for three years from the date of their cases till 2019 and 2021. As many as 96 candidates have been disqualified to contest any elections till June 2019 from June 2016 onwards. The remaining 24 candidates have been barred from June 2018 till June 2021.

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