Electronic voting machine (EVM)  used to recording vote for both general and state election. EVM or electronic voting machine are used to cast vote without revealing your identity, it is used in Indian elections. It has replaced paper ballots in local, state and general elections in India. EVM is very important machine in today’s era anyone can easily choose their candidate, no one can reveal voter identity and for counting EVM will give accurate number of voting and it’s auditable machine will create less error as compared to human so people build trust. EVM are give fastest results to ballot paper and easy to handle and use.

An EVM consists of two units--control unit and balloting unit--and these two are connected by a five-meter cable. When a voter presses a button against the candidate he/she wishes to vote for, the machine locks itself.This EVM can be opened only with a new ballot number. This way, EVMs ensure that one person gets to vote only once. These machines don't require electricity and run on batteries. At the same time, the EVMs are lighter and portable compared to the huge ballot boxes. These machines don't require electricity and run on batteries. EVMs have made the vote-counting process much faster, delivering results in hours as against manual counting of votes which could take days.

Main objective of EVM machine is to control electronic fraud it becomes strength for weaker and back words class  they can choose their candidate without any political pressure.

EVM firstly used in 70-parur assembly constitution of Kerala in 1982. It can record a maximum of 2,000 votes. Now additional function VVPAT (Voter verification paper Audit Trail) attached to the EVM machine, it verify the voter votes when vote is cast, machine will print containing serial number, name and symbol of  candidate and show for 7 second in window and later it automatically cut-down to the selected drop box of the VVPAT. EVMs are less costly then printing of ballots papers, in paper ballots spend Lakhs for every election but EVM fixed at Rs.17,000 per unit only ,you don’t have to spend more. In democratic country EVMs is a powerful system.