Harinder Singh Khalsa

Results from Harinder Singh Khalsa

Candidate Name Party Status Votes Secured
Fatehgarh Sahib Punjab Lok Sabha Election 2019 Harinder Singh Khalsa
Constituency : Fatehgarh Sahib(Punjab)
Party Name : AAam Aadmi Party
Father's Name : Late Shri Gopal Singh Khalsa
Mother's Name : Smt. Basant Kaur
Date of Birth : 12 Jun 1947
Place of Birth : Ludhiana (Punjab)
Marital Status : Married
Date of Marriage : 08 Feb 1976
Spouse's Name : Smt. Satwant Kaur
No.of Sons : 3
Educational Qualifications :
M.A. (Eng.)
Educated at Govt. College, (Punjab University), Ludhiana (Punjab)
Profession :
Political and Social Worker,Educationist,Human Rights Activist

Positions Held

Elected to 11th Lok Sabha
May, 2014
Re-elected to 16th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
1 Sep. 2014 onwards
Member, Standing Committee on Information Technology
15 Sep. 2014 onwards
Member, Joint Committee on Food Management in Parliament House Complex
Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

Books Published

`A Manual of General English` and `Social Science`

Social And Cultural Activities

Participated in student and youth activities, social and cultural programmes in educational institutions; organized social and cultural programmes in Jakarta, Bangkok and Norway

Special Interests

Citizens` Rights

Favourite Pastime and Recreation

Reading, Bird watching, Teaching, Music and Meeting people

Sports and Clubs

Hockey and Badminton

Countries Visited

Widely travelled

Other Information

Lecturer (English) in G.G.N. Khalsa College, Ludhiana (Punjab), 1964-67; Punjab Civil Service in Ludhiana, May-July 1974; Indian Foreign Service, Second Secretary (Jakarta), First Secretary (Bangkok), First Secretary (Norway), July 1974 - June 1984; Left IFS in 1984 in the wake of action of Indian Army on the Golden Temple; Chairman, Punjab Human Rights Organization, Ludhiana, April 1990 - May 1991; Member, National Commission for SCs and STs 1998-2001